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York Harbor Bloody Mary Mix

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York Harbor Bloody Mary Mix is a staple for any brunch gathering or happy hour. This beverage combines the rich taste of tomato juice with a perfectly curated mix of spices, offering a cocktail mix that transforms ordinary vodka into an extraordinary morning cocktail. Ideal for those who appreciate the art of mixology, our Bloody Mary mix highlights the savory flavor profile of a tomato cocktail with an added spicy kick, making it a go-to spicy Bloody Mary option. Perfectly balanced and ready to pour, it's designed to pair seamlessly with your favorite vodka mixer. Whether you're prepping for Sunday brunch or looking to impress guests with your home bar essentials, our Bloody Mary mix is versatile and easy to use. Simply combine with alcohol for a quick cocktail recipe or get creative to make it your own. Its robust flavor is a bar staple for both at-home bartenders and professionals alike, ensuring your drink mix is both delightful and convenient. Crafted for cocktail enthusiasts and casual sippers, our York Harbor Bloody Mary Mix doesn't just elevate your brunch drink options, it provides the essential cocktail ingredients to invigorate any gathering. Cheers to simplicity, flavor, and the joy of a well-made spicy mix.

A buttery lobster mix! The New England themed mix fuses the rich, buttery taste of lobster with just a hint of wasabi. 

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